SpaceLauncher AMA with Bromadic Trading Club

2 min readMar 21, 2022


Space Launcher AMA with Bromadic Trading Club

Who’s ready for an #AMA? 🗣

We are proud to announce we will be hosting an Ask Me Anything session with #SpaceLauncher — A Community-Centric, Engage to Earn, GameFi platform, Chain Agnostic NFT Marketplace & A launchpad “for the Community by the Community”.

What is Space Launcher? 🚀

Space Launcher is a Community-Centric, Engage to Earn, GameFi platform.

Space Launcher provides a fully integrated suite of services (all revolving around a profit-sharing DAO ecosystem model) to streamline the conception, development, and launch processes for all creators and projects.
The platform includes; a Gaming Studio as well as a project Launchpad and accelerator with plans to expand the offering with an NFT marketplace as well as multi-chain asset/NFT bridge.

They intend to deliver value to the community not only purely through their native token $SPLR but also by continuously generating value through the consistent flow of top-notch projects and deals that will be able to provide to their loyal supporters.

How to Participate? 🤔

💬 Be sure to send in your Questions for #AMA with #SPLRama in @bromadicgroup. 👥

5️⃣ winners will be chosen that will share the prize pool of 100$ worth #SPLR TOKENS!!! 💰💰💰

don’t have to tell you how good this category projects have performed in the past, many have done over 50x so…..🙊 🙊

Don’t miss your chance all you have to do is submit your questions & be active during the AMA session which will be held on the 26th of March 2022 (Saturday) at 8 PM IST or 2:30 pm UTC

Space Launcher Relevant links -



Location of AMA — @bromadicgroup




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