SpaceLauncher🚀x BromadicClub AMA Recap

from a launchpad to NFT marketplace, let's find out more about SpaceLauncher from this recap


Kaustubh Trivedi, aka Walter, Founder & CEO of SpaceLauncher along with his Team members Mia aka Felice, Boris & Only Rebal joined the Bromadic Club for an exclusive AMA to introduce their project to a new audience & answer the questions given by the community members.

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⏪ Let's RECAP!!⏪

Bromadic: it’s truly an honor to host you guys, lets's start off with some basic introductions first. Who are you guys? what is your background? PSK, you can go first.

PSK, aka Walter: Let me start. My name is Curt Walter. And basically, Kastubh Trivedi in Hindi and I’m the founder of this project and meet my advisor & team members, Boris, Felice, and only rebal and they’ll introduce themselves. All right, Boris. Go ahead.

Boris: Hi Guys, I’m Boris, I’m an advisor to SpaceLauncher.
I’ve come from the private equity and venture investing space. So I have a lot of knowledge about the financing of the project and how we’re going to grow it.

Felice, aka Mia: Hi everyone. I’m Felice also known as Mia. I’m an advisor at SpaceLauncher. I also work with Muon Network and I’ve been exploring and sharing knowledge as well as awareness about the crypto ecosystem. Happy to be here, thank you.

Q1. The first question is can you name your competitors?

Walter: If we talk about our competitors, this project is very unique in itself, so we do not have any competitors, but if you see our business components, our business is divided into four parts or in four components. And if you can compare our components, then certainly you can have the competitors, so if we talk about our business, it is divided into four parts that’s a launchpad, gaming studio, NFT marketplace, and the bridge.

So let’s talk about the first component which is the launchpad.


If we talk about the launchpad basically we are coming up with an idea that has not been explored by any of the existing launchpads, So we do not have any comparison, but if we really want to compare somehow push it for this, then I think welaunch will be a very good one, because initially what they did is they airdropped their community members the tokens and those tokens people can stake to get the IDO allocations.
On the other side, in our business model, we are not even bothered to give the token, anybody can join our community. They’ll be able to chat & through their chat activity they’ll have some points, On the basis of their checkpoints, they’ll be able to get the IDO Allocations and they can white list through…. I mean, if there are no KYC issues they can just go ahead and get whitelisted. And this is how it works for the IDO launchpad.

Gaming Studio🎮:

Now, as far as the gaming studio is concerned, We are very unique in it so far.
Nobody has tapped this field that we are trying to tap. We are coming up with a very unique concept. Normally when you invest in any gaming studio, what you do is gaming studio produces a play to earn game, then basically you invest in the play to earn game & then you buy the in-game tokens and governance tokens. Rather than that, what we are offering you is a gaming studio. Basically you do not only buy the game, but you buy the gaming studio. So if the gaming studio produces tens and hundreds of games, you’ll have some part of it.

NFT MarketPlace🎨:

If we talk about the NFT marketplace, there are already quite a lot of NFT marketplaces, but I think we’ll be pretty much similar to Looksrare. However, we are far ahead of It as far as the community is concerned because in our project, we focus on the community a lot.

Here people’s voices will be heard. You people will be able to vote for your projects to rank them up higher in the overall ranking, you’ll be able to buy and sell NFTs and get the rewards as you get on other platforms. But the important thing is that here, our service fee is very low or the commission fee is very low, which is very high on Opensea also very high on Solsea and other marketplaces.

The most important thing in our NFT marketplace is that we have a plan to support a lot of third-world countries' artists. We know there are quite a lot of artists who do not know What NFT is and how to deal with NFT, but it doesn’t mean that they are not really good artists. There are very famous names from third world countries, So we focus on them. We will be able to accommodate them. We can help them through our unique technology. We can help them with our very good customer service. Certainly, they need to pay because everything can not be free but they will be paying in our native tokens & which creates buying pressure basically, which helps the ecosystem.

🌉And then in the last to move their assets, They need the bridge.

Also, I forgot to mention here in the NFT marketplace, that this is not going to be a very normal NFT marketplace. This is going to be very different than the other NFT marketplaces because here you do not only get NFT’s but you also find a lot of game-fi assets, and not only do you find game-fi assets, but you also get those assets earlier than the market and at a cheaper price than the market.

So for an example

Let’s say Sidus game is going to get launched and after selling their game you need their governance token or in-game currency token to buy their in-game assets. You’ll have to go to their website or you have to go to Opensea and buy there. However, it’s not really convenient because people are mostly interested in their tokens, not in the NFTs. What we’ll do on our platform is they can have the IDO.

Basically, people can come and they can get the IDO allocations. They can hold the tokens to get the private Allocations. Apart from that, in case somebody wants the NFTs or in-game assets, they can go to our NFT marketplace and buy Sidus games avatars or, NFTs or in-game assets at a cheaper price at the time wherein it has not even been launched on other markets.

So it’s a very unique concept and most importantly, people will be able to vote for their own favorite NFT collections. They’ll be able to vote for their artist’s favorite & quite a lot of stuff. then the bridge to move all the assets.

Boris: On a bit of a high level, When you look at it in the space, our current competitors are currently only focusing on one product or one area and releasing multiple tokens for each product. Every time you added the differences is with us.

We realize that you can’t have a segmented ecosystem. You need one platform. To create all these different applications on. So that’s what we’re creating is a game-fi ecosystem platform where we’re going to be releasing ongoing products. We’re going to be releasing the launchpad, then the NFT marketplace, then the bridge. it’s not just one token and one product, And then another token, another product.

Q2. How did you guys actually come up with the idea? Because this is a really sophisticated idea.🤔

Walter: You see, we are also from the industry and we have been here for quite some time. We have known, and we have seen how people grabbed the money and, you know, disappear.

We have seen tokens doing 90% downs and 10X down. Personally, I have lost quite a lot to these platforms, and this was a big motivation towards creating something like this.

I wanted something better in the market. I knew there is no need to create hundreds and thousands of tokens for each product. Basically, one token can be used for multiple things. And that’s what we did. Until you are not pinched personally, you do not realize something. I was pinched and then basically, I decided that I want to work on this, and then I started getting people & here we are today with Boris, Miya, and Rebal.

Q3. COVID-19 has stood on many economies around the world, but as a crypto business, or does it affect negatively or positively for you guys?

Walter: if you’re talking about COVID, actually it has been really helpful for cryptocurrencies and online transactions everywhere throughout the world. if you talk about Google pay, if you talk about Alipay, If you talk about Amazon transactions, Flipkart transactions, you’ll see that the numbers have gone pretty high. So same as with cryptocurrency, the value has gone up as far as our business is concerned.

Everybody has benefited and we too, we are also benefiting I think if there was no COVID there won’t be any demand for so many products out there, which has been launched in the market over the last two — two and a half years. And if there were not those products and we will not see what’s happening in the market, I think we will also not come up with an idea.

I think it has benefited us a lot and it’ll benefit us quite a lot in the future as well. what’s your thinking? What’s your opinion, Boris.

Boris: I think COVID has essentially pushed the whole industry forward with the whole move to crypto in the last two years during COVID.
I think it’s been nothing but good for us. It’s only brought more people into the gaming space, which is good for us, and with more people looking for new alternative ways to work, more people might have the option of creating a game or working on bringing their own play to earn game to market. COVID we don’t think really affects us negatively.

Mia: I actually had a few thoughts in regards to the question that came up about COVID and what I wanted to say is that COVID actually brought a lot of people together, what it did an essence, as you realize that. Sure There are bricks and mortar, there are people that go into a building. They go work together, but crypto and you know, this ecosystem, people bring their own space. People are in their own offices, their homes doing it. So they brought people together. So in essence, COVID only opened the doors to realize that people don’t have to be in a fixed job. They can obtain an income through the beauty of being, you know, remotely at home. So that’s my biggest part. Like see, you guys are one end the world. I’m at the other end to me that's a bonus!

Bromadic: Yeah, exactly. It's basically freedom, To be honest with crypto and trading, offers you the freedom to work at your own pace without too many restrictions.

Q4. SpaceLauncher has a commitment to educate and empower women in this male dominated space. What concrete steps are you planning to take to achieve those goals?

Mia: Walter approached me and said, “You know, you’re a woman, How do you feel about being in this ecosystem?”

And I said, “You know, I am actually in a space where it’s male dominant. What can I do to empower women? How do I empower myself?”. And Walter came up with some great ideas, which he’ll share with you shortly.

But to me, it felt like you think of women as those that are at home, that are staring at stereotypes. You know that’s what our world is made up of right now. Empowering women to get into a field will bring another feeling, a concept to the space where they can offer something to themselves as well as to their families as being valued as their partner, whether it be male, female, or anybody else, who’s actually out into the system. Empowering women nowadays is a big movement. We want to take that step to also dedicate ourselves to education, onboarding women to become part of this ecosystem.

And now this is where Walter will share with you how we plan on doing this.

Walter: So, yeah, we are working with a lot of influencers and we are working with quite a lot of people who can be very much helpful in terms of educating and enlightening the people in the crypto space overall.

Now we are also working with quite a lot of significant people who can be very influential, and who can be very important for our product. They are not from the crypto industry, And what happens if you would have seen most of the projects. What do they do is basically, you have the same YouTube, You have the same influencers on Twitter talking about one particular project and they are trying to hijack and snatch the same users from one to another.

We thought, why not target some other people? I mean, if you talk about crypto space, you got a total of about a hundred million users. I mean, because you’ve got a hundred million wallets, so consider one wallet each person, a hundred million users you have around, and how many people are there living in the world, 7 billion! So why not target the bigger fish?

And because of this thinking I decided that I’ll be working with a lot of people who are very influential, who can be very important for this project, and who are not from the crypto space. So we are in touch with a lot of people. Some people are from India, some are from Vietnam, Some are from Nepal, Some from Nigeria. I mean n numbers of people. So the idea is to reach them through marketing. Apart from that, we will also work at a grassroots level. So when we planned SpaceLauncher, we knew that this question might come and a lot of people already asked.

We are going to work at a grassroots level. The grass root level is the village, the town, the small cities because getting an IDO allocation for free, nobody has ever thought about it or maybe people thought about it, but nobody has dared to do it. We are going to do it.
What people need to do as Mia was talking, there are a lot of ladies around the world. They are home and their men go outside to work, but is it the responsibility of the men only? What happens if the person, the main person is not capable of earning? women can share their responsibilities while being at home.

They can just come on our platform chat in a day. If they spend 30 minutes a day in a month, they’ll have enough of the points to get an IDO Allocation. In third world countries, &if you will get an allocation of a hundred dollars, & if the project does really well, let’s say 10 X or 20 X, you make basically a thousand to $2,000, and that much money is it’s pretty good amount of money!

This is how we can empower people, empower ladies, especially, and the moment people start realizing that this is not a scam, this is not a story, this is happening in reality, what will happen? Imagine if you get the profit when you tell your family members, you won’t you tell your relatives, your cousins?, and then the rest of the thing is word of mouth.

We are very much positive about it. we are focusing from both sides. We’ll work with the very influential people whose words are very much trusted and reliable. On the other side, we are also going at a very grassroots level.

Q5.Can you tell us more about point system, how it will work, which platforms will be supported?🔢

Walter: We got two or three communities. We got a Discord community. We got Telegram community. We have a Twitter community as well. We want to take care of the maximum number of people possible. If they find Telegram to be more comforting, Come chat on telegram, Get the points. If they don’t feel comfortable on Telegram, they can go to Discord.

if someone finds neither comfortable, what they can contribute here. We are human. We are dealing with humans. We are not robots. If somebody can write a beautiful article and through that article, he’s able to reach out to thousands of people. We are not blind. We are not deaf. We are certainly going to recognize that, and basically, we are going to help that person.

if somebody is creating a YouTube video or content, which basically educates thousand people, why not reward him? we are very much open, but as far as the basic thing is concerned, that how people will get the point, they can get the points on Telegram But, that’s not limited to discord and telegram only. there are multiple things that people can do and basically, they can come to us and claim that this is what they have done, & we’ll be happy to reward them.

Mia: Just to add, for example, I have been asked many times “well, how do you know who’s active on, on a Telegram?”

So what Walter does and we review almost on a weekly basis, we go through our Combot, we have our bot, we look at statistics. We see who’s the most active. We notice where the activity is. We document that simple.

For example, on our Discord, We don’t want people just to come on Discord or in a Telegram and just say, “Hi”, “Hi, great project”, “Good for you”, “Nice, beautiful.”


Our motive and our purpose is to educate people. It’s not just to learn about our project only. We offer information about the crypto ecosystem in Discord. We also engage people. It’s just a game that you play in one of the Discord channels and we’re contemplating rewarding points. We can work towards a certain amount of points, which would allow this person or people to be put into a pool to earn a whitelist, So we’re providing an opportunity.

We want people to become engaged and we want people to be involved. That’s our purpose.

Q.6 How do you guys ensure the safety of funds?, because right now we are seeing lots of hacks and a lot of security threats to projects?

Boris: We are getting an audit done on our codebase, and we have implemented the Lossless DEFI token implementation, which essentially covers our platform for exploits, meaning we can’t have any red rug pools or any sort of exploits, and if there was any sort of problems, the tokens would be clawed back.

we’ve implemented safekeeping practices there to make sure that we couldn’t be affected like that.

Walter: in easier words, we are going to have the audit from Certik, which is very a reputable company as everybody knows, but still there have been hacks even though Certik has verified some of these smart contracts.
To avoid that we have partnered with Lossless. They have been able to recover a lot of funds in 2021, around five projects recovered approximately 150 million$, and those projects which were hacked recovered almost 98 — 99% of the money. Therefore, we have partnered with them. this is how we can ensure that the funds will be safe.

Bromadic: Thanks so much guys.
Is there anything that we missed out on that you guys would like to add?

Walter: We can talk about partnerships….

Bromadic: Sure lets us know about the partnerships

Walter: We have got quite a lot of significant players on our side. We have partnered with quite a lot of people. Big Brain Holdings is one of the main leading investors.

In our project, we have got a grant from Polygon. We are also a grant receiver from Near Protocol. which is the 21st or 23rd of cryptocurrency according to market cap. We also partnered with the Solster, which is a very famous project IDO launch pad on.

We are also partnering with multiple exchanges such as Bitmart, MEXC, Probit, & some other smaller exchanges. We are already in touch with the top three centralized exchanges. Hopefully, we’ll do the IDO there. hopefully, that much is enough for your community 😉

Bromadic: WOW!!! Thank you so much, guys. I’m sure you guys would be around in the chat group if members have any questions that we missed,
and we’ll probably do this once again. Thanks so much, guys. Thank you for your time. Thank you very much. It’s been an honor.

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